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Medium / High Voltage Capacitor

Single Phase, Single/Two Bushing Capacitor

Three Phase Capacitor (Internal Star/Delta connected)

Three Bushing Capacitor (Multi-tap)

Four Bushing Capacitor (3 Phase + Neutral)

Medium Voltage Capacitor Bank for Ind. Application

High Voltage Capacitor Bank

Tuned Detuned Capacitor Bank

Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank with switch

High Voltage Capacitor Bank

High voltage capacitor banks can be offered in single / double star configuration suitable for system voltage from 11 Kv to 148 Kv complete with Mounting Racks, Expulsion Fuses, Neutral End/ Series Reactors, Neutral Current Transformers / Residual Voltage Transformers, isolators, Lightning Arrestors etc.


These are suitable for system voltage from 3.3 Kv to 33 Kv and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor application.

Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank with switch

These are suitable for Systems voltage of 11/22 Kv and are offered complete with Mounting structures,External Expulsion Fuses and Automatic Switches.