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Environmental Impact

Restricting our environmental footprint

We take utmost care in order to ensure that the environmental impact is kept to the minimum.

The impregnating agent used is the result of long and continuous research and experimental tests on all insulating oils for dielectric use currently available. It offers the best solution, taking into account the need to protect the environment along with the need to have high dielectric characteristics, two requirements which have often been considered incompatible.

The impregnating agent is non toxic; its oral toxicity level (LD 50) is over 3 g/kg. Moreover, since these oils can be completely eliminated from human and animal bodies, there is no problem of accumulation. The impregnating agent biodegrades rapidly in the environment, therefore,no special precautions are required to prevent the dispersion of oil into the ground in case of accidental leakage from the case. It consists of the compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, the combustion of which produces carbon dioxide and water. These liquids are not considered dangerous and their registration is normally not required. However, the storage and destruction of the capacitors must be in accordance with current regulations in place of use