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The technological revolution sweeping India has brought about a significant amount of progress. Across sectors, industries are witnessing exponential growth, resulting in an increased demand for power.

The power sector is finding it increasingly difficult to stay abreast of the demand, hence, power is at a premium. Power utilities are imposing stiff penalties on industries that cause power wastage. The way out is improving power efficiency. That is just what we at Powercap Capacitors Pvt. Ltd excel at. We are experts in improving power factor computation,distortion and efficient reactive power management.

Established in 1977, Powercap Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. [formerly know as Manohar Brothers (Capacitors) Pvt. Ltd.] has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Today, our state-of-the-art unit at Taloja manufactures LT & HT Capacitors and Automatic Power Factor Improvement Control Panels.

Competitive pricing, uncompromised quality and timely delivery have helped us develop a strong reputation amongst a discerning clientele, which includes cement plants, textile mills, steel plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, power utilities, etc. Our products match up to the most stringent testing standards and are recommended by the foremost consultants in India.

Powercap Capacitors can supply your complete requirement of power factor improvement systems, with accessories like switchgears, relays, control panels, reactors, surge arrestors, etc.